Three Chain Mosaic Chandelier

Three Chain Mosaic Chandelier

Three Chain Mosaic Chandelier

Boyutları(en/boy): 16x58 cm

Cam boyutu(en/boy): 16x10 cm

Ağırlık : 600 gr

3 chain mosaic lamp with pendant does not include power cord and light bulb

You can use it as hanging candle holder and pendant mosaic lamp.

100% handmade, original colored glass is used and it never changes color.

Our products are in European CE standards, and the electrical parts are within the CE certificate.

The metal part is completely handmade, high quality coating and absolutely stainless!

Special model and color combination can be made from Direct Production. Please contact us for your WHOLESALE orders.

It  works between 5-75 watts. We recommend that you use light bulbs of 25-40 watts. You can use LED and Fluorescent light bulbs.

Sample ampoules are as follows.

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